Man Deadpools Couch

Man Deadpools Couch

As someone who lives with Rheumatoid Arthritis , I can tell you from experience that it can be very painful. Things that you do on an everyday basis, which you would normally not pay any mind to, can cause pain and be difficult to do. For me, one of these things that happened to be sitting down on this couch.

I noticed my back, ribs, and hips would hurt more every time I would sit down on my couch. It got to the point where the increase in pain would happen almost immediately. So, I decided to stop using my couch entirely.

For 6 months, I did not sit down on my couch at all. I found ways to avoid doing so. For instance, I would lay down on my floor every time I wanted to watch some tv.

The couch just sat in my living, taking up space and collecting dust. Every time I saw the couch, I was reminded how much it sucks not to be able to sit down without my body hurting more than it normally does. That frustrated me & that frustration grew until I just couldn't take it anymore.

That day I immediately took the couch out of my house. I did not want to ever want to see it again. I needed it gone.

The couch was old and in bad shape so I decided to trash it. That's when the idea of this Man Deadpools Couch video was born.

I decided that since the couch had caused me so much pain, it was only right that I inflicted some damage on it.  

When I recorded this video, the movie Deadpool had just been released & was breaking all kinds of box-office records. I had not seen the movie yet but, I knew about the character from the comic books & wanted to incorporate some of that into the video. That's why I decided to use the 2 machetes (I don't own swords) & dress the way I did (I wore my red pants).

The bonus stage from the Street Fighter II arcade game, where you had to destroy the car, was the inspiration for the rest of the video. Everything else that happened in the video wasn't planned.

And, if anyone watching this has Rheumatoid Arthritis as well, here are some tips I learned from my own personal experience dealing with couches:

1. A firm couch is better. You need something that provides good support throughout your body. A softer couch will cause you more pain.

2. Get a couch that is large enough for you to lay down comfortably on. You don't want to stay in one position for too long because it will cause your arthritis pain to flare up. With a large enough couch, you have the option to sit or lay down.

3. Whether you are sitting or laying down on the couch, you never want to be in a position that puts more pressure on any specific part of your body. That part will start hurting. You always want to be in a position where the weight of your body is distributed as evenly as possible on the couch.

If you too are in the market for a couch, here is a link to the one I bought to replace the couch from the video that you might want to check. It's a firm couch, that's large enough for me to lay down on (I'm 5'11") & is pretty affordable. 

I also highly recommend that you don't buy a couch without having personally sat on it yourself to make sure it's the right one for you. I went to about 10 different furniture stores & sat in every couch they had before I made my decision.

- Michael Macedo

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