The Chronicles of Mitch Album & Track Artwork Shoot

The Chronicles of Mitch Album & Track Artwork Shoot

The Chronicles of Mitch is the title of the album currently being put together by music artist Bebo.

The following are some of the photos I took that will be used for the album & track artwork.

The Chronicles of Mitch - Album Cover Artwork Photo

Bebo based the entire album on the story of a character he created named Mitch. The pile of things in the photo symbolize everything you need to become Mitch. It's all right in front of you to take. But, if you do take it, just know that being Mitch comes with some serious consequences.

Money Makin' Mitch - Track Artwork Photo

Money Makin' Mitch is the first track on the album. It serves as an introduction to the character & I decided to stick with that same concept for the track artwork.

Don't Worry About It - Track Artwork Photo

The track Don't Worry About It touches on the subject of people who constantly barrage you with questions over every little detail of your life. Don't Worry About It is Mitch's response to these people. The photo for the track artwork shows Mitch careless in his own world, not worried about anything, even though everything outside is turned upside. 

Make You Think - Track Artwork Photo

This track is about topics that Make You Think. I symbolized this by creating a situation where Mitch is walking down some stairs & happens to encounter himself coming up the stairs in the opposite direction.

MAB - Track Artwork Photo

MAB is an acronym for Make A Business. This song is about seeing the opportunities in front of you & creating something from it. In this photo, Mitch is at his table looking at things to connect together so he can make a business.

I'll keep you posted with more information on The Chronicles of Mitch album on my site & will let you know when the new music is ready. In the meantime, you can connect with Bebo on his site through the link below:

- Michael Macedo

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